Better Together

We are a resilient nation, we work better together, we will come through this, but how to do that the best possible way is the question. Only by helping each other out is the way, as business owners we all face the same demon, the hidden one, the one that has no boundaries or faces.


 We have an obligation to undo the unthinkable that has happened, we must all play our part to reset our nation and our national pride. We have a wealth of knowledge between us and we need to harness that.

 Working as teams in our chosen profession and with our collective minds we can come up with the solutions to reboot our economic situation. Waiting for this crisis to end is and will be to late, now is the time to come up with an action plan to get our economy going again.


 While our staff will be rested from the labors of work, their minds will be exhausted from all that has happened, some will still be grieving the loss of loved ones family and friends. Work will be a welcome break from the trauma of isolation. We will need to get money back into their pockets and get them back spending so the economy can grow again.

 We are the Key to the solution, and while government can do so much they are not the back bone of the country We Are.

 Been part of this business forum, to share knowledge, provide solutions, ask questions and come up with ideas and drives your business forward while helping like minded people across the island of Ireland. Remember WE is the most important word in this blog.


Keep safe, stay focused and have faith in yourself and your business and most importantly in your fellow citizens to help us all bounce back from Covid-19.


Eddie Mulrooney

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