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Self Employed Ireland (SEI) Vision


Self Employed Ireland is a national collective body serving and informing the self employed Business Owner across the country of Ireland. Working together can greatly improve the process, promotion and profitability of all our businesses while learning from each other and spreading best practice throughout the working society. Working together in a structured cohesive manner can deliver significant improvements on a personal and business level to all our members, and thereby benefitting the country as a whole.

The Self Employed Community

Ireland has in excess of 300,000 self employed people, from the one man/woman sole trader, and up. Many have become Self Employed because they see a better way of doing the job or are drawn by a wider vision of how things can be, and that is not always possible within the confines of a job. While the rest just want to work for themselves, decide their own way of being and create their own working ethics.

Self Employed Ireland and our future

Self Employed Ireland’s aim is to bring together this collective of self employed persons and work as a team to improve our business partnerships, sharing the expansive knowledge base possessed by this sector across the Island Of Ireland. Often after start up, even if we have managed to get a helping hand from some state funded aid, we often become vulnerable in business. The supports have ended and there is nowhere now to turn for ongoing, long term advice or help, and this can result in the business struggling and sometimes failing. Here at SEI we have provided that platform to seek that help, advice or direction to move forward. This support will be drawn from the members knowledge base, as well as outsourced training and upskilling.

Free training coming soon

Self Employed Ireland plans to provide FREE training to members, across a broad spectrum, ranging from upskilling to accounts management, employee management, life skills, mindfulness, revenue matters, marketing and so on. The list is endless and member forums can decide what supports are best suited to them. No extra cost is planned to member for these services provided. This training will happen at a future date when the Covid-19 pandemic has passed and full memberships are paid.

As an employment collective, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, we can change how government policy works, we can influence all the factors that affect our bottom line, we can shout louder and more clearly than we do currently, and have our voice heard. We can get better deals from our service provider, insurance companies and suppliers, benefitting all our members.

SEI, through local forums, plans to provide support to the Self Employed Business Community and grow together, creating better working environments and benefits for our members, and in the process, improve the society and country that is so dear to us all.

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Members Benefits

• One collective voice
• Service providers discounts, phone, electrical, diesel, insurance, holidays, etc.
• Member to Member discounts.
• Self promotions within the membership.
• Continuous supports and training.
• Local branches and monthly meetings.
• Government lobbying for revenue, tax reforms, employment laws
• Bursary granting for local education training.
• Recruitment platform
• Recoup-able low cost member fees.

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